Hello! From now I am your personal guide on the tour around a stunning London, including every corner of its sidewalks and even the smell. I will tell you everything about this city and even about the expectation VS reality in London.

So, in my excursion you will get the most unique information about London. Let’s start our walk!

For the reason that I was in London myself I can honestly judge this city. The first tip: If your dream is to see Big Ben, you had better stay at home. Cause the biggest clock tower is in reconstruction. Don’t cry. I know that’s hard. But there is plenty of diverse places in London, and I will try to tell you about some of them.

I’ve made an outline of places that I liked in London the most:

1. Thorpe Park (amusement park).

The best day. We got lost. Spent 50 pounds for the tickets, 100 pounds for a taxi. But we had a great company to share our emotions. With no doubt, want to say that I’ve never had this amount of happiness and adrenalin in my veins.

2. Madame Tussauds museum.

This is a place where you might scream because of your idols whose are standing in front of you. Not gonna lie, we were so jubilant.

3. Tower Hill.

The place where London was formed. That was so fascinating.

4. Tower Bridge

A beautiful structure with two towers, rising on one of which, you can observe the opening of the bridge, with a transparent floor sitting right on it.

5. London Eye

For 30 minutes which the wheel London Eye is spinning you can get a perfect view of the city with a 360 degree spot. I also want to note that it took us about 4 hours to stand all the queue.

6. Oxford street

We spent most of our time in this street even if it was already dark. We did so many successful deals and certainly got some presents for our friends and relatives.

7. Camden town

This is a hipster place that I would not advise to visit because the sightseeing of this place is only a breed on the famous street in New York. And by the way, the myth of what is cheap there is refuted by me.

For 14 days I’ve seen almost all of the attractive places in London from the Buckingham palace to the skyscrapers and I can say with confidence that this city is worth visiting.


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